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Welcome to the September edition of the Jewish Future Pledge Newsletter!

Pledges to date: The Jewish Future Pledge reached 24,478 Pledgers, and the Jewish Youth Pledge now has 16,155 Youth Pledgers!

Click below for a High Holidays greeting from Jewish Future Pledge Founder Mike Leven.

How To: Bake Mini Heart Challah

Internationally renowned challah artist Idan Chabasov, the “Challah Prince,” recently signed the Pledge. In honor of the High Holidays, Idan and the Jewish Future Pledge teamed up to share a recipe so you can bake heart-shaped challah buns of your own to show off your Jewish pride! Click here for Idan’s tutorial video and full recipe details.

Pledger Spotlight: Doug Ross

Doug Ross is Vice Chair of the Birthright Israel Foundation, a partner organization of the Jewish Youth Pledge. See Doug’s full pledger spotlight article here

How do the missions of the Pledge and Birthright align? 

The Pledge is an idea whose time has come. The Pledge and Birthright Israel are both trying to raise the collective consciousness of the Jewish people by bringing people together in tangible ways to powerfully impact our communities and the Jewish world, whether now (Birthright) or in the future (Pledge). 

What do you love about the Jewish Future Pledge? 

Apathy is a big threat to the Jewish people, and the Pledge is an antidote to this. We Jews care deeply about our past, as well as about the future. The Pledge taps into people’s love and respect for their parents and grandparents and their desire to carry on family legacies by asking them to consider supporting causes important to their forbearers. It is a link between our past and our future


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