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Welcome to the July edition of the Jewish Future Pledge Newsletter!

Pledges to date: The Jewish Future Pledge reached 22,060 Pledgers, and the Jewish Youth Pledge now has 14,911 Youth Pledgers!

Here’s what’s New & Newsworthy with the Jewish Future Pledge:

Through Jewish Youth Pledge, Young Jews Make Commitment to Community – Baltimore Jewish Times 

Will the Next Generation Invest in Jewish Culture? – Atlanta Jewish Times

Study: Charitable giving dropped in 2022; only the fourth such decline in 40 years – eJewish Philanthropy

The Jewish Youth Pledge – Teens make a commitment to enrich their adult identities – The Jewish Standard

Pledger Spotlight: Jane Schiff

See Jane’s full Pledger spotlight article here.

Why is it important to give Jewishly? 

People will give to universities, hospitals, art museums, and theaters…but nobody takes care of the Jews other than the Jews themselves. I was born and raised to believe that this is my responsibility. 

How can we encourage future generations to prioritize philanthropy and to support Jewish communities? 

We have to suggest to future generations, not force upon them, the importance of continuing to be rooted in their heritage. They may do incredibly wonderful things out in the world, but we can help them understand that who they are, at their core, comes from their Jewish genes and values.

How To: Starting a Conversation About the Jewish Future

Throughout Jewish history, our leaders took time to gather their families and explain themselves. Here are five exercises to help you begin a conversation that matters: 

1. Judaism in One Word – write a list of single words you associate with Judaism

2. Conversation Starters – introduce a prompt to get people talking, like “I’ve always felt Jewish pride when…”

3. My Jewish Elevator Speech – consider the things you care about Jewishly

4. Ten Guiding Values – create your own list

5. My Repair-the-World Campaign – select a charity, describe why it is important to you, and what you’ve gained through your giving 

The full exercises are available here on our website.


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